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Le Dîner en Blanc - Chicago: Guest Survey -CLOSED

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Kelly T.
4 year ago
This was my first time attending. Overall it was great. Standing in the mud/dirt waiting for a potty was YUK but everything else was nice. The people were great, the leads were patient and the ride to the location on the trolley was a lot of fun. The group next to us ordered meals in advance to save packing space. We were all shocked (to say the least) at the portion size. What was a meal for two was barely enough for one. Every one shared food with them which actually made the event even more fun!
Roger H.
Hi Kelly,

Were thrilled you had a great time! Sorry about the placement of the portapotties, but it was the best we could do with the space. We certainly didnt want to put them on the concrete next to the photobooths! If I had my way we'd go full on Paris style - meaning no portapotties, but I think the backlash would be similar to the French revolution...

We're sorry you felt the portion sizes were small. We had the same meals and I couldn't finish mine, and this has been only the first mention that portions were small, so we're hoping it was a one-off. We're super happy everyone shared with those folks though. That is the whole spirit of DeB! Sharing with friends old and new, and enjoying an amazing night together.

A la prochaine!
Vicki B.
4 year ago
I loved seeing another side of the city tho year. It is wonderful to experience the diversity of the city. It may not be as advisable to use the subway during rush hour. My items are condensed and easy to tote but others bring way more it it becomes cumbersome to carry during rush hour and bothersome to people not participating and riding public transportation.
Roger H.
Hi Vicki,

We're glad you enjoyed checking out another side of town! Chicago is a beautiful city with so much to discover and we really want to share that with everyone. The subway is a necessary evil, though, but we do our best to make sure 2 groups aren't on teh same train at the same time and all stops have escalators or elevators.

You should have seen us in London last year - London underground and then up 4 flights of stairs with tables, chairs, decorations, food, etc. for 8 people!
Michelle V.
4 year ago
was a weird location this year, it took us forever to get to our spot. Previous years we had a lot more time to set up before the napkin toss
Roger H.
Hi Michelle,

Every year we change locations and travel times of course will be different depending on your meeting point. When we can get everyone as skilled as in Paris where all 10,000+ people arrive within 15 minutes from the first to the last, we'll be able to adjust times more. Of course, it all comes with time...
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